Attorney Referrals

A significant amount of our practice consists of representing clients referred by other lawyers in Indiana and other states throughout the country. Most attorneys choose to refer a case to us because:

  • They feel confident that their client will be well taken care of – both in the quality of work and the customer service we provide
  • Their firm does not focus on the same practice areas that we do
  • They understand that we respect their client relationship and will not attempt to replace the firm in any fashion

Refer a case or discuss co-counsel opportunities

If you have a case with promise but lack the resources necessary to go to trial, let’s discuss how we can work together to maximize the case’s potential. Rest assured your referral to our firm will be met with determination and dedication. Contingency fee arrangements are available and our initial consultation is complimentary. 

Contact us to discuss how we might partner or assist as co-counsel.

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