A free and fair marketplace is one of the foundations of the American economy. Antitrust law promotes fair competition for the benefit of consumers. Competition is not fair if one or more entities with sufficient market power use that power to stifle competitors. Some examples of situations which may be illegal under antitrust law are

  • Forming a cartel to fix prices or limit supply;
  • Agreeing to divide a market between two competitors;
  • Forcing customers not to do business with a competitor; and
  • Tying a customer’s ability to buy one product to another.

All of these practices pose the risk of raising prices, lowering quality, giving fewer choices to consumers, and providing less reason for companies to innovate.

Price Waicukauski Joven & Catlin has experience handling antitrust litigation cases against some of the country’s biggest companies. We take on complex cases and aggressively oppose larger law firms and corporations on behalf of our clients.

Going up against large corporate defenders can be formidable, which is why you need a law firm with the experience to stand with you. We have the experience necessary to help you win your antitrust case. 

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